Aquilant wins multiple prestigious client achievement awards

As a testament to Aquilant’s continued high performance, a number of international clients have recognised their continued sales performance, which has exceeded the contracted expectations as a medtech services organisation.

The first award was the Bio2 Medical Award for outstanding contribution in business development sales for the Angel catheter in the UK, 2014. Aquilant was the first distributor in Europe for the Angel catheter, which is designed to save lives by preventing pulmonary embolism. It was a challenging concept, and it took real energy and drive to communicate it clearly and forcefully to the NHS and commissioning boards throughout the UK.

Aquilant had the highest sales throughout Europe for the Angel catheter in 2014, which also led to the Outstanding Achievement Award for Paul Stephenson, Sales Development Leader, Aquilant Interventional.

Aquilant’s second award was Optimed’s International Distributor Award, 2014. Aquilant won the award after a new type of therapy for the management of chronic DVT was launched. The Aquilant Interventional Radiology team approached the launch with vigour and enthusiasm when introducing the new concept to the market. Optimed recognised the achievement of the Aquilant team, who achieved higher sales and growth than any other distributor.

Finally, Aquilant received Vascular Surgical International’s World Highest Sales Award, 2014. Based on gross sales, compared to other international distributors, Aquilant was awarded for overall greatest achievement in developing the business. 2014 sales were up 25% over 2013, taking business sales volumes to £4.2m. This was due to the good service delivery and relationships that Aquilant had built with customers and the principal agency.