Early adoption of GS1 Standard

Risk of non-compliance by our manufacturers and interruption in supply of medical devices negatively impacting service and revenue was turned into a strategic advantage by Aquilant as an ‘early adopter’ of the Department of Health’s NHS e-procurement strategy in the UK.

The challenge was to adopt GS1/PEPPOL standards between 2016 and 2020 of Globally Unique Identification barcoding. This barcoding is to appear in every medical device we distribute for inventory management track and traceability, from its manufacture through to the end patient.

Aquilant was faced with convincing its international suppliers to comply and leading a project to engage its suppliers, revise its price management and join a GS1 Global Data Synchronisation Network. This included IT system development on Electronic Data Integration (EDI) for automated ordering, and invoicing to PEPPOL standards and a marketing communication programme.

Today, 90% of Aquilant’s clients are compliant (ahead of the 2020 deadline) and Aquilant is able to transact £3.2 million in sales revenue on the first six NHS hospital demonstrator sites. Longer term, adoption of the standard will improve patient safety, client satisfaction, reduce transaction costs and improve order accuracy and cash flow. Turning a risk into an opportunity that has helped set Aquilant apart in the market.